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Coaching is a process that can help resolve business issues quickly and confidentially.

LR Business Coaching works with your business, with your executives and with your staff, to improve your performance, the performance of your staff and the outcomes for your business, offering confidential and specialist support with a range of services not commonly found in other professional service providers.  In both the corporate and small business environments, our coaches can assist with change management planning, strategy planning, leadership and team building, among many other services.

Numerous small businesses do not have any HR type role within their company structure and their managers may lack the knowledge of how to encourage, motivate and engage staff. Maybe your business is high-tech with a professional workforce and has grown faster than expected. Are you coping?  While we do not claim to offer HR advice, LR Business Coaching can coach on developing shared values, fostering trust, dealing with the unexpected and similar issues. Team coaching can assist in changing your staff from capable individuals to a cohesive team - making the whole greater than the sum of the indivduals.

On the personal level, LR Business Coaching can assist if you or your staff are experiencing ….

  • Stress
  • Managing upwards
  • Burnout
  • Work/life balance
  • Loss of self confidence
  • Managing difficult (negative) workplace environments
  • The transfer of operational staff to strategic roles
  • Inter personal issues
  • Promotion of technical staff to general management roles
  • Transitioning from full time to part time work/retirement
  • Career development
  • Sales dead spots


Our Coaches and Mentors include;

  • Leigh Robinson - a specialist in executive coaching and sales mentoring
  • Pamela Murray-Jones - a specialist in business mentoring, career coaching, coaching women in addition to governance planning & management
  • Roger Taufel - a specialist in marketing, media and events mentore coaching

This is what makes us different

The specialists at LR Business Coaching offer both coaching and mentoring in each intrinsic field they represent.  LR Business Coaching is a cohort of University qualified coaches from varying business backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experience. This enables our coaching and our mentoring to be specifically tailored to your immediate need and context.

The Coach – "the coach's role is largely one of asking questions that open new possibilities for understanding, make new connections and new meanings and ultimately new patterns of action" (Grant & Cavanagh 2011, Coaching and Positive Psychology)

Mentoring comes from "Mentor" who was the son of Alcimus in Greek mythology and was adopted in English to mean “father-like teacher” or “a wise and trusted counselor” (Macquarie Dictionary)

Wikipedia provides a definition of Coaching as "the practice of supporting an individual .... through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result. ..... the coach mainly asks questions and challenges the coachee."

Wikipedia succinctly adds;

  • Managing is making sure people do what they know how to do.
  • Training is teaching people to do what they don’t know how to do.
  • Mentoring is showing people how the people who are really good at doing something do it.

Coaching is not "Managing" it is not "Training" nor is it "Mentoring" - coaching is helping to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person and enabling them to use these competencies to the best of their ability.

Our services include;


Business Coaching


Sales Mentoring


Career Coaching