Event Management

Our event management expert, Roger Taufel tells us that ....

We can just mentor them; we can organize the event; we can provide a schedule of what is needed to be done; we can create an event plan for them

We can do whatever the client needs.

We can do all or any of the above

We can also plan on the size, the venue, the topic or theme, indoor outdoor and location

We can utilise existing facilities or bring in all of the required items to make the Event a success.

This would include staging, theming, lighting, audio visual, and graphics.

We can also advise on food/beverage inclusion and types and protocols as they affect dignitaries,

Right down to seating arrangements.

This would also include providing MC’s and the preparation of run sheets timed to the minute.

It will all depend on the budget and if there is a need of a re-occurring annual event.


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