Leigh's Mentoring Story

Successful Selling at the Coal Face through Innovative Mentoring


A commitment to assisting young and inexperienced sales people has been an important part of Leigh Robinson’s journey in commerce and industry.

With over 40 years experience in the fields of sales, marketing and corporate management including running his own business for nearly 20 years, one way in which Leigh assists today’s sales people is as a Field Sales Mentor.

Always innovative in his approach, Leigh is aware that a number of Sales People while being extremely competent technically and professionally can be quite lacking when it comes to face to face selling. To counter this, manufacturers and marketing organisations can avail themselves of Leigh’s wealth of field experience.

Most structured sales courses can be beneficial in arming the Sales Person with the correct situation answers but they do not normally equip the subject with the “field sense” that is so often required. This is usually only gained after years of field experience or it can be fast tracked by utilising Leigh’s extensive market experience.

Leigh believes the simple things matter and that Sales Representatives must, of necessity, have a hearty ego along with a thick hide. A lot of sales people do not have these attributes but they can be shown how to counter the effects of customer negativity and the inability to “make the sale”.

As a coach and mentor, Leigh works with field representatives to critique and rectify as well as being able to pass on many non-text book hints based on his own past successful experiences. By working alongside the sales representative in the field to observe methodology and habits, Leigh can directly coach and mentor in the finer points of face to face selling “at the coal face”, both pre and post call. The mentoring function includes follow-on training tailored to suit the needs of each mentored Sales Person.

Leigh says, “While sales courses can ensure sales staff are competent technically and professionally, I have found many sales people lack field sense and this is the key to sales success. It usually takes years of experience to achieve this through trial and error and the corporate costs are hidden through lost sales and poorer than expected performance. On the other hand, mentoring can fast-track the process and produce astounding outcomes in a relatively short period.”

At the same time, Leigh can provide support to the business owner in managing staff and general operational issues.  

Sales scenarios:

  • Market entry – high quality high price
  • Overcoming market barriers
  • New concept market entry – high technology
  • Breaking market monopolies
  • High quality, high price in demanding and competitive markets

Industry experience:

  • Government departments
  • Tourism
  • Airports
  • Parking & traffic management
  • Real estate
  • Steel mills
  • Coal mining
  • Road logistics




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