What has happened to those New Year’s resolutions?

So it is February and by now many of those well laid plans made over the New Year break are already being forgotten or shelved. You have joined the gym, attended once or twice and are now too busy to even to think about it.  The office clutter is still there.  You haven’t started on the business plan, and now tax time is looming, the BAS has to be done and you can’t see it happening any time soon.


Have you ever wondered why this happens year after year?


Coachee Feedback

Feedback from one of Mardella Bassett’s Coachees ….


Thanks for taking me under your wing and acting as a sounding board for me to look at my actions and feelings.  It was a unique and rewarding experience and highlighted the path which I must follow.  It was a pleasure to be coached by someone as sympathetic as you.

Career Transition Assistance Scheme

We have come across an excellent video titled that is useful for career practitioners. When prospective clients ask ‘why should I engage a career practitioner’, this video will assist in underlining why career practitioners are an excellent resource in career development.

Coaching makes sense ...

Coaching makes sense when utilised to improve the performance, not only of the individual but of the company itself. Ledgerwood (32003)

Burnout Research

As part of his studies at Wollongong University, Leigh Robinson conducted research into the impact of coaching upon burnout in volunteers.

The conclusion arrived at through this research is that:

coaching has a positive impact upon the management of burnout in volunteers.  Coaching led to: an awareness in the volunteers of their personal strengths, a reduction in stress, an increased ability to cope, having direction, being better equipped to talk things through and being aware of the risk of burnout.  From this it can be said that organisations which use volunteers in the operation of their business or program will benefit from the use of qualified coaches to manage the risk of burnout in their volunteers and to achieve more positive outcomes.  The volunteers will benefit personally from the coaching and will gain a greater ability to properly function in their normal work, domestic and volunteer roles.  The flow on effect of this phenomenon is an increase in productivity in both the workplace and the volunteer context and a more relaxed domestic situation.

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