Our Code of Conduct

In the conduct of our business we commit to the following standards ….

  • Integrity - as coaching is a position of trust, we will maintain at all times and in all processes a level of honesty and accuracy and will behave morally at all times
  • Confidentiality & non-disclosure – We will maintain agreed confidentiality in all matters including verbal, written and acquired knowledge and commit to non-disclosure without appropriate consent.
  • Respect - We will respect the rights of others and will respect and maintain an attitude of inclusivity and diversity at all times.
  • Professional responsibility – We will monitor our own personal and professional development in order to maintain a high professional standard and commit to always acting in a professional manner.
  • Management of multiple relationships – We will declare multiple relationships from the outset and state any anticipated conflicts.
  • Conflict of interest – We will immediately declare any conflict of interest, potential or perceived, and will always act to avoid such conflict.
  • Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusivity – We will always act in a manner that is not discriminatory and respects the diversity and inclusivity of those that we will work with.
  • Competence – We will only work within certified areas of our competence and acknowledged areas of experience and will use on-referral if necessary.  We also commit to partaking in continuing professional development.
  • Act in accordance with the law – We will always act in accordance with the law as an imperative to the conduct of business coaching and in our day to day behaviour.

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