Rogers Events Story

Creating an event for the first time.

We were approached by a well-respected (but relatively unknown) industry association to make them more known to the general public as well as creating a better exposure to existing clients and to attract new ones.

The type and style of the event was finally settled on and an inner city Hotel ballroom was chosen as the venue.

The Event was to be a major awards system for the Secretaries and be known as “The Secretary of the Year awards.”

The Secretaries were targeted as they usually do a lot of the decisions in regards to purchases not just for their bosses but also for the company. Applications were posted in 16 local newspapers, so that there would be 48 finalists, three from each region, 16 local winners and one grand overall winner. Many sponsors were involved including a major hairdressing group, major clothes retailers, shopping centres and a cosmetics firm. A liquor supplier was also approached and involved.

After agreement on the judging criteria, and the timing as well as all other administrative considerations, all of the pieces were put into play.

Once the three finalists from each region were confirmed they then kept there appointments with the various suppliers and chose hairstyles, dresses etc.

The day of the awards arrived. All 48 finalists, including family members were picked from their respective homes by a white stretch limousine and delivered to the Hotel in a 20 minute time set, so that you had almost continuous traffic to the well-known venue. The street section was police cordoned off so that there was no impediment to other traffic.

The finalists and their family were delivered under a porte cochere which had a coloured laser on top beaming some twelve coloured strobe lights into the clear evening sky. A calypso band welcomed them all on the red carpet under it.

Inside the theme was white and gold and the MC was a well-known Radio personality.

All finalists had their respective photos taken prior to this and when they were announced the two main screens had all of their details on it.

The event was a hit, the combination of Limousines, strobe lights and the glamour of 48 beautiful contestants made it a talking point in the media and public for some weeks.

The Client was ecstatic.


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