Roger's Mentoring Story

It started with a phone call, the new client wanted to hire a new person but had not received the right replies and also there were very few replies.

The new position was crucial to the development of the business and would be part of the development that would re-establish it as the leader in its filed.

We had a meeting and talked openly about all of the issues that confronted them and their thoughts as how to fix them. While a leader in its field, the company structure was very small.

the correct wording for the personnel advertisement was structured and also how that person would integrate into the existing team.

The pricing structure of all the client’s competitors were checked and with their agreement a marketing plan was put in place, this would then achieve, in conjunction with the new person now on board, the outcomes that the company desired.

It worked beautifully, and the new person is well on his way to becoming General Manager.


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